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The conjunction with the name Juan Toscano gives the brands a regional and global character. The basketball player is the only Mexican to play in the NBA, and in addition to the Golden State Warriors, one of the most dominant players of the decade, not with any role, averaging in his last 10 matches is 26:23 minutes, nearly half the ceremony.

“The National Basketball Association of America (NBA), as the leading brand in the basketball world, gives a very important boost to its diverse ambassadors, puts them into their projects, and gives them a dimension of personality, not only regionally in the United States, but also globally. “Players can transfer that status to the brands with whom they sign sponsorship agreements,” said Jorge Badillo Nieto, sports communications and marketing consultant and founder of Fusion MD Consulting.

Toscano attacks at least two important markets, not only because of its runway, but also because of its nationality. His Mexican origins are an opportunity to work with brands that have targets in Mexico or the United States. The NBA is a league with more than 20 million followers in Mexico. Mitofsky’s query recorded that there is a base of 42 million people who watch, like to know, or play basketball.

The basketball player plays with a “two-way” contract, which means he can play with the NBA team and its affiliates, along with Stephen Curry, a sports star; Its franchise is a staple of the past decade, being crowned in 2015, 2017, and 2018. Additionally, Warriors is the second most expensive franchise in the NBA with $ 4.7 billion. Some of these games are broadcasted in Mexico via pay TV (ESPN and TUDN) and through the on-demand NBA platform.

“It guarantees exposure. In the end, if you sponsor someone who appears on screen, your value increases every weekend or every week.” Guillermo Zamariba, founder of the acting agency The Marketing Jersey, said, “If Toscano is not seen in Mexico, the connection will be Almost no “.

At 27 years old, he has more than 160,000 followers on Instagram, “decent reach,” as Zamariba describes, since public figures have gotten from 30,000 to 40,000 attractive personalities for brands.

However, promotion of any company on his Instagram account does not flare up, and on his LinkedIn site he only reports as an ambassador for Nike. That’s why Zamariba pointed out that it is not enough to have an audience, it is imperative to have a digital and business strategy in place to make it easier for brands. Tell your story, connect with people and at the same time attract brands.

“If we look at it from a branding perspective, it will be very important for the brand in Mexico to know how to activate a player in the NBA, it is very complicated and it should not be. And more than that due to a lack of understanding, despite being in the NBA For professionals, we often don’t know how to create content around this number. “

From the point of view of Adriana Barrón, PR representative for Jorge Gutiérrez, of Chihuahuan who played minutes in four NBA seasons, there is another factor involved in sports marketing that has to do with the advice the player receives.

“Well-organized sponsorship, beyond the terms of social networks, is very difficult for an athlete to negotiate because they don’t have the knowledge to say, they have to give me too much or it costs me too much.”

Other times it happens, as sometimes happens with Jorge Gutierrez, that athletes are so focused on their sporting activity that they ignore the issue of social networks.

What metrics do brands take into account for partnering with an athlete?

“For some brands, followers matter of course, and there are others who already realize that having a million followers does not mean that the campaign they are doing with this athlete is completely successful. There are brands seeking to connect with personalities who have a presence in Mexico.” Barron replied that it depends a lot. On the goals the brand is looking for.

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