Midfielder Benitez has a torn ligament in his right knee


Argentine women’s soccer midfielder Lorena Benitez has suffered a torn ligament in her right knee and will have to remain inactive for a long time, with her recovery taking at least 6 months.

The 22-year-old containment midfielder suffers from a “anterior cruciate ligament, a first-degree sprain of the ICL and a posterior horn injury of the external meniscus,” according to Boca Juniors, a footballer affiliated with Boca Juniors.

An MRI scan performed today in Orlando, USA, resulted in the lowest required diagnosis. In principle, according to medical sources in the AFC, a football player must be “inactive for at least six months”.

The player Zenez was injured last Sunday in the match that Argentina lost in stoppage time to Canada (0-1) for the so-called “She Believes Cup”, and Diana Valvan replaced her.

“This is the moment when life tests me and I have no doubt that I will overcome it as quickly as possible and will come back with greater strength,” the player wrote on her Instagram account.

Benitez, who was named the best player in the 2020 Transition Championship, will miss the feud with Boca Juniors in the Women’s Libertadores Cup to be held in March, at the stadiums of Velez Sarsfield and Deportivo Moron, in bubble form.

Meanwhile, Agustina Barroso is providing an overload of muscle and today she was able to train, in a different way, alongside DT Carlos Borrello.

The chosen Albiceleste national team ends its participation in the international quartet, which faces the United States, on Wednesday, starting at 9:00 pm, Argentine time.


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