Kairos School students dressed as Adam Sandler and even Netflix responded: Video | Pop culture entertainment

Kairos School students dressed as Adam Sandler and even Netflix responded: Video |  Pop culture entertainment

Actor Adam Sandler has caught the attention of moviegoers in recent years for adopting his “costumes” with shorts and casual “uniform” shirts, appearing in nearly all of his films wearing both.

Proof of this is these photos where you can see the costumes he used in the films “As If It Was the First Time” (2004), “They Are Like Babies” (2010) or “Hubie’s Halloween” (2020).

And his latest movie with Netflix, Claw (2022), was no exception. In it, he plays a basketball coach and scout who finds a sports prodigy abroad, so he brings him to America to make him a star.

Shorts, tennis shoes, and track shirts were a very frequent choice in the movie’s wardrobe, and this not only enhanced Adam Sandler’s relaxed style but also inspired a group of students to dress like him for a school day.

TikTok: Students imitate Adam Sandler’s wardrobe and go viral

The “Genacion_kaiross” account was responsible for uploading the video showing the “look” of each student who participated in the dynamic.

So boys from Kairos School, from Queretaro, Mexico, combined a pair of shorts with a casual shirt, tennis shoes, and a hat to mimic the famous actor’s style.

The video went viral, and since its posting on June 11, 2022, it has already garnered over a million views, as well as hundreds of comments:

“Oh honey, I always look like that, so I use Adam’s style,” “I also feel Adam Sandler when I wear shorts, that’s the power it gives you to leave your calves in the air,” “They really gave me an idea for a party theme,” This could be Adam Sandler’s look or Billie Eilish’s look, and it can only be changed by putting colored dye on the hair” or “Adam Sandler’s tiara, he should see this because they’ve been pulled.”

Even TikTok has already picked his favorites:

“The third could certainly be a double for Adam Sandler,” the person in the water park shirt has Sandler’s “flush,” “No one chewed gum so to me none won ladies and gentlemen,” obviously the first.

Netflix has responded to the video of students dressed as Adam Sandler

The video depicting how the actor’s relaxed style influenced pop culture was so popular that the official account of Netflix Latin America left a comment, of course without a favorite: “This is my MET Gala.”

And while many other netizens have requested that the Hollywood star be tagged so that he can see the witty tribute, Adam Sandler is not currently commenting on the matter as the streaming platform has.

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