Kipchoge will seek to prove himself in the NN Mission Marathon in the Netherlands – El Sol de Toluca


Eliud Kipchoge will attend the NN Mission Marathon at Twente Airport in the Netherlands on April 18th, the number one world record holder (2:01:39) and contender to win the competition.

But the Kenyan hostility comes with two purposes: The first to boost confidence after scoring at 2:06:49 last October during the London Marathon, finished eighth and seized the opportunity once again to defeat his rivals on the way to Tokyo 2021.

But it won’t be easy for a Kenyan athlete who has won nine major marathons, and many other participants will pursue their mark at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 (2:11:30), but competitors who aspire to oust the throne will. He also attends.

But it is a fact that he remains one of the best candidates for the Tokyo Olympics, his recent record of 2:06:49 reflected that man has limits and set the tone for his rivals to consider that they can overcome them.

Among the closest opponents, Felix Shimongs, who holds the Ugandan marathon record at 2:05:12, has the downside that he has not run since March 2020, and his recent results are less than 2:10:08 per hour. The Biwa Lake Marathon in Japan.

Another strong opponent will be Kenyan Laban Courier who scored less than 2:06:00 and a score of 2:05:54 places him third in the men’s event.

As an interesting fact also for the 35 men who will participate in the Dutch Marathon, 17 of them ran faster than the Olympic minimum 2:11:30 and 11 runners in that group overtook 2:10:00.

Kipchoge and technology in the marathon

But tech-loving Kipchoge will carry its latest device, a biosensor that tracks glucose in real time and will be used for the first time at NN Mission Marathon in the Netherlands.

The device provides real glucose monitoring, and the goal of the system that consists of the sensor and the phone app is to control a runner’s glucose levels before and during competition to help him achieve an optimal nutritional intake.

Athletes wear the biosensor on the upper part of the back arm and can be worn for up to 14 days, and the user receives the data automatically via Bluetooth.

But since 2017, Kipchoge has begun experimenting with technology by running a marathon at 2:00:25 at Monza Circuit, Italy, and it was the lowest mark in history but was not recognized at that time by the International Federation of Athletics Associations (IAAF for its abbreviation in Monza). English).

The argument was that intermittent hares, windbreakers, laser pointer, and auxiliary supplies were used during the test and that no anti-doping controls were implemented.

In 2019 the “Ineos 1:59:00 Challenge” project was announced, which consisted of trying to cut two hours in the marathon, the test took place in October of this year at the Vienna Prater where he scored 1:59:40 and with being the first man to break the two-hour barrier. The trademark has not been approved.

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