FIFA opened proceedings against Mexico due to the outcry for discrimination


Many would consider it a “tradition” for Mexican fans during a soccer match, but the sport’s highest living creature thinks the opposite. That is why FIFA will investigate with Mexico for the discriminatory cry that, although it started several years ago, still persists today.

It is always when the goalkeeper has cleared.

Mexican fans scream as soon as the opposing goalkeeper touches the ball, the problem is that what they say is a crime against homosexuals and that is why FIFA has tried to stop them from doing so. Although they were unsuccessful in this.

In pre-Olympics CONCACAF the Mexican U-23 team, fans shouted. He heard that in the match against the United States, although she had mentioned a few days earlier that she was investigating the same truth, but in the match against the Dominican Republic.

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Now FIFA will start an operation against the Mexican Football Association.

FIFA can confirm that it has opened disciplinary measures against the Mexican Football Association as a result of the discriminatory incidents that occurred during the match corresponding to the men’s Olympic qualification match between Mexico and the United States that took place on March 25, 2021.He said the highest body.

It is not mentioned what the penalties are if they are guilty, but penalties can range from a fine to losing points or disqualification from the competition, and the situation will get worse if it turns out that they did as well. Against the Dominican Republic.

Are Olympic Games qualification in danger?

According to Yon de Luisa, president of the Mexican Football Association, he said they could not withdraw their tickets to Tokyo, but despite this, FIFA will investigate Mexico for discriminatory shouting and they will abide by any penalty imposed on them.

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