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Controversy about Women’s soccer Keep going. Although more and more fans are following and watching him, there are many who criticize his rhythm and those who assert that he will never become really important. While the The haters And for those who don’t want to see women succeed, that “there” like meigas, the news that reaches the whole world goes in different directions.

Breaking the glass ceiling and achieving equal pay is an ancient battle that is as alive as ever. newly, Megan Rapinoe He expressed that he did not want to accuse the same Leo Messi: “What we’re fighting for is equal investment, equal opportunity, the same money and resources for the team.”

Soccer player in OL Reign It represents female strength in beautiful sport. Not only is she a great player, a title winner Best And the The golden ball In 2019, but also because she is an equality activist. Rapinoe along with the rest of the international players Which. UU. They fought for this cause, and specifically, they just won an old competition they kept for equality.

Megan Rapinoe, at the US women’s soccer team match


As mentioned ESPNA federal judge)R. Gary Klausner) On a partial agreement between the American Women’s Team and the Federation for Equality in Work. The foreigners called for improvements in flights, training centers, and issues of hotel accommodation and employees.

All this while fighting for equal pay within the national team that other countries already possess, such as Norway a Brazil. Remember the case Ada Heigerberg. The Norwegian striker, despite the fact that international players in her country get paid the same regardless of their gender, has given up playing World Cup France 2019 A complaint in the public arena.

Ada Hegerberg, with the Norwegian flag celebrating the Olympique de Lyon

Ada Hegerberg, with the Norwegian flag celebrating the Olympique de Lyon


The truth is that the numbers are in the United States football They are them, not them. This is why these differences are so much more intriguing. There’s always talk of the effect known as “shirt selling” and in it Alex Morgan And the company is also taking the cake at the North American giant.

The United States shines a little light on the road at the women’s soccer game, but also in England Steps to be taken. The agreement is so that the parties from WSL It is broadcast on BBC And in Sky Sports It was a hit, lately. And is that the news of the aforementioned agreement for the next three years was well received.

Reality bathroom

The good news from England comes from the hand of statements Kelly Simons, The professional women’s soccer director at FA. She has been responsible for giving a reality check as she assures that women’s football alone is still not sustainable.

In fact, she has set a date for when she will finally be able to get by on her own … a decade from now !: “The big change will be that women’s football has to be able to generate enough income in 10 years to manage on its own.” This has increased advertising revenue, which is essential today.

“We’ve seen Barclays, we’ve seen millions of pounds of TV rights ads that we did two weeks ago, but it’s still not enough. It can’t go on without the money earned through men’s soccer.” We will see this change in the next ten years, revenues will grow and we have to strive for a professional league that is sustainable in itself and this will be a big change. ”

Everyone’s goal is to continue working to make this sustainability a reality because the problem is not unique to England, but the pattern is being repeated all over the world. Europe Without going any further, incl Spain. Women’s football is growing, yeah; Attracting more and more fans, yeah; But it still lacks sufficient financial capacity.

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