La Jornada – ‘Checo’ Pérez had his first day of undercover training at the CDMX GP

La Jornada – ‘Checo’ Pérez had his first day of undercover training at the CDMX GP

Mexico City. Sergio Perez had his first day of practice in secret before the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Mexico City, on a day that made little progress in the expected performance from single seats this weekend, due to the fact that they ran with test tires and not the ones they will use in qualifying and racing.

More than the roar of the engines, the sounds of the stands were heard, which were populated as the day progressed, and which shivered as the Mexican passed the Hermanos Rodriguez track.

Britain’s George Russell put Mercedes ahead of the schedule during second practice, with the extended session continuing including more tire tests for 2023 marked by a severe crash of Ferrari’s Monegasque Charles Leclerc.

After the midday session, it was dominated by Ferrari’s Spaniard Carlos Sainz, Leclerc, and Czech Third, by the afternoon, the ground was still somewhat muddy on most of the track. But everything would be uncertain and not give great performance indicators, as the teams had to use the test tires for at least 30 laps. Nobody completed the task.

Only at the beginning of the second round, Czech He took the lead on lap 9, but was immediately pushed by Japan’s Russell and Yuki Tsunoda (Alvatore), then France’s Esteban Ocon (Albin) and Britain’s Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), who had a better drive, and behind them, the Mexican and Dutch teammate Max Verstappen were crowned champions for the 2022 F1 season. Since the previous race in Austin.

The session was halted around the 40th of the 90 minutes when Leclerc, who was behind Verstappen at the time, lost control of his Ferrari and hit the back end of the protective wall as he reached Turn 8.

I entered the red flag, the car had to be pulled and Monaco could not continue into the second round, which resumed 37 minutes before the start.

Red Bull fined

Red Bull started their day poorly. The 2022 Formula 1 champion team has signed an Acceptable Hypothetical Agreement (ABA) with the FIA, in which it was forced to pay a mute of about $7 million to overshoot the 2021 budget limit for single-seat development, a shortfall considered by the board of directors. “Simple” and did not move to a bigger penalty, such as the points reduction demanded by other teams, a protest led by McLaren.

The FIA ​​also penalized Red Bull with 1% less time for practicing aerodynamics in the wind tunnel for the 2023 season.

Australian team manager Christian Horner called the penalties “too severe”, insisted the new costing system was “immature” and emphasized it was an attack targeted because of the equipment’s success.

Above all, make sure that none of the budget overrun is applied to team performance, but rather to banquet expenses, Social Security contributions, and medical treatment for the employee who survived the illness.

after qualifying, Czech And Perez considered it “a complicated day, as is usual in Mexico with altitude. Everything is moving, so it is very easy to make mistakes in these circumstances. In general, I think the second practice was mainly for Pirelli (the tire supplier), but in the session First we got a good database.

“Ferrari looks strong, and so does Mercedes, so tomorrow it will be a tough fight,” the man from Jalisco noted.

Perez is third in the drivers’ championship, two points behind Leclerc with three races remaining, but said his priority is to win Sunday’s grand prix to become the first Mexican to do so.

“It has to work, it has to be calm, it has to provide many conditions, we know that. The race is very difficult, it does not depend on one thing or one person, but on many factors. Sergio’s father, Antonio Pérez Garibai, said Czech

“I hope it’s great for him and for people. Nobody has such a great hobby. Handed over to Czech In this country, in the United States, and around the world, it is wonderful, and there is nothing better than being grateful, humble, and simple.

“All the drivers want to win in Monaco, and he already did. It’s hard sometimes to be champion and not conquer the principality, but he has already won there, and he has one of the jewels in the crown. And I hope the best thing is to win Mexico this year.”

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