La Jornada – Kansas crowned in the NCAA

La Jornada – Kansas crowned in the NCAA

The Kansas Jayhawks defeated the North Carolina TarHeels 72-69 at the last four of the NCAA, in a vibrant, twist-and-twisted duel that brought together two of the United States’ historic college basketball teams.

Superstar David McCormack led KS’s aggressive offensive response with 15 points and 10 rebounds after a first half in which he trailed 25-40 and offered little resistance on the ground. Christian Brown added 12 points and 12 rebounds as Jayhawk’s team reclaimed the title for the first time since 2008.

North Carolina State wasn’t able to capitalize on their early dominance, and despite Brady Manek scoring 13 points and 13 rebounds, they closed in with 31.9 percent of the shot from the field. Armando Bacot, who had 15 points and the same number of rebounds, had a frantic start to the final, but faded, like his team, at the last minute.

Galen Wilson finished the night with 15 points, four rebounds and two assists as Kansas, who came as the top seed in the tournament, claimed its fourth national title after a 14-year drought. The Tar Heels, on the other hand, couldn’t complete the season they had revelations after finishing being the 8th seed.

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