La Jornada Maya – Tom Daly, the Tokyo 2020 athlete who weaves for a good cause


Creations woven by English diver Tom Daly as well as helping him manage the stress of competing in the Olympic Games, are being auctioned off to support various causes through donations.

The gold medal winner for the sync platform went viral on social media after posting a photo of himself knitting while watching a women’s competition in Tokyo 2020. The athlete commented on Instagram that it is an activity that helps him during his participation in the Olympics.

“Learning to knit and crochet helped me a lot in these Olympics and yesterday we won gold. I also made a little box of medals!” , posted with a video clip showing the woven medallion table he made.

These clothes, in addition to helping the athlete manage stress, are auctioned like the rest of his work through his page. Made with love by Tom Daly The proceeds are donated to charities.

Photo: Reuters

Tom made a dog jacket while watching the women’s 10ft jump final. Diver photos were popular on social networks.

However, Tom shares the fate of the clothes he makes on his own official fabric website. For example, a blanket he made for a 5-year-old with a restricted nervous condition.

Photo: madewithlovebytomdaley

Blankets, dresses, sweaters, dog clothes, jackets, and even unicorns: Tom Daly prides himself on the ability to crochet.

Photo: madewithlovebytomdaley

Tom wrote, “The only thing that kept me sane throughout this process was my love of knitting, knitting, and everything related to sewing.”

Photo: madewithlovebytomdaley

Dali also shares the patterns of the pieces he weaves, so his followers can learn how to make them.

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