La Jornada – More than 33 thousand Mexicans abroad will be able to vote; 67% will pay online


Yesterday, the National Electoral Institute (INE) reported that at the end of last Wednesday the registration period in the nominal list of voters residing abroad, 33,698 Mexicans had requested registration to participate in the elections in June. This number represents 18.5 percent of those registered in 2018, when the list reached 181,873 people.

He said that on this first occasion when citizens can choose the form of voting, 67 percent (22 thousand 565) chose electronic voting via the Internet and 33 percent (11 thousand 133) chose the postcard.

Citizens who apply for registration will be able to participate in the elections for the states of Baja California, Chihuahua, Colima, Guerrero, Michoacan, Nyarit, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas; Migrant delegate in Mexico City and proportional representation in Jalisco.

As on other occasions, the majority of applicants reside in the United States (25,896), although there are records of Mexicans living in another 91 countries. Among them is Canada, where there were 1,573 registrations; Spain – 209 thousand; Germany 997; UK 607; France 534 and Switzerland 289.

The Electoral College said in a statement that there are countries where there has only been one request, such as Uganda, Ukraine, Tunisia, Monaco, Cyprus and Latvia.

He pointed out that 12,660 Mexicans residing abroad signed to participate in the election of an immigrant delegation from Mexico City, and 5 thousand 534 for the proportional representation delegation in Jalisco. In terms of states, 4,169 seek to vote in Michoacan, 2,000 in 802 in Guerrero, 2,000 in 80 in Chihuahua, and 1,6767 in San Luis Potosi.

For Zacatecas, there were 1,732 records; Leniart, a thousand and 38; Queretaro, 38 thousand; Colima, 719, and in Baja California Sur there were 158.

In disaggregating by gender, the National Institute of Statistics added that of the total number of applicants, there are 18,247 men and 15,451 women, equivalent to 54 and 45 percent, respectively.

The National Institute of Statistics explained that the final number of Mexicans abroad who will be able to vote will be obtained once the records received are reviewed.

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