La Jornada – Orozco and Agúndez receive an Olympic pass in scuba diving


Alejandra Orozco and Gabriela Agundiz struggled to the last dive to get a thrilling pass for the Tokyo Olympic Games, by 30 percent to overtake Russia and finish fifth in the concurrent 10-meter race in the World Cup in Japan.

The Mexicans dominated the qualifiers to advance in first place without being able to maintain an outstanding place in the final and moved to fifth with 286.56 points to knock out their Russian opponents (286.26).

In this test, four Olympic passes were on the line and Mexico was awarded; Malaysia came fourth (288.36), and it actually took the ticket alongside China, the United States and Japan.

In addition to Mexico, Canada, Great Britain and Germany also reached the quota.

Canadians Megan Benvito and Kylie MacKay won the gold (305.94), followed by Britain’s Louis Toulson and Eden Ching (302.88) and Germans Christina Wassen and Tina Bunzel (292.86).

“It’s a bittersweet final, my heart,” said Alejandra, a medalist in London 2012, “but we achieved the main goal, which was to win the medal. We know that we are on the referees’ radar, it was only six points. Bronze medal We continue the play.”

Gabe promised, “We will reach those joint operations more prepared.”

With this result, the dives accumulate eight places in Tokyo and there will be participation in the four concurrent events, which are live finals between eight countries.

The duo, Yael Castillo and Juan Celaya, finished eighth with 380.49 points in three meters. Britain, Germany and Russia took the podium in that order.

The duo already had the Olympic pass for the bronze medal at the 2019 World Cup in Gwangju, which joined the third-place pass by Paula Espinosa and Melanie Hernandez.

Meanwhile, Diego Cervantes Lopez became the first fencer to award an Olympic spot to Mexico by winning the gold medal yesterday at the Zona América Qualifiers in San Jose, Costa Rica. Baja California defeated Argentine Augusto Cervello 15-13 in the final match.

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