La Jornada – Success at Concachampions gives credibility to what we do: Lillini

La Jornada – Success at Concachampions gives credibility to what we do: Lillini

Andres Lellini, Pumas coach, has confirmed that winning the CONCACAF Champions League title will give more importance to the Oriazole Foundation, as he warned that his team will try at all costs to achieve it tonight in the second leg of the final against Seattle. Saunders, of Major League Soccer (MLS).

“Illusions abound. We know it’s a golden opportunity we won and we don’t want to let it pass, we are ready to face it.”

“The title gives credibility to what the individual has been doing and to the institution. The project, after the result, is solid. We have to continue that, the (team) president wants to continue on this path. The strength of the championship is for the fans and for the hierarchy of football players,” he said yesterday at a pre-match conference that It will be held at Lumens Field in Seattle, Washington “We have to break the drought that the club is bringing with this tournament.

He also mentioned that his team will not win the CONCACAF title because of the club’s history but because they are doing better.

“There’s nowhere to win the jersey. You have to play the games, live them and rise to the occasion.

“The emotional injection on Sunday (with a 2-0 win over Pachuca) will definitely be revealed (today). We’ve had that kind of game, the team knows how to play it and that’s their great virtue. The team has reached that maturity and that will be the extra we have against Seattle.” ‘ said the Argentine helmsman.

He also considered that this duel “will be very dynamic. We do all the games like this and the opponent too. The one who does not make mistakes is the winner. There is a team up front that plays very well, and we have to face it with focus and strategy.”

Finally, he confirmed that it would be “very difficult” for defender Alain Muzzo to be able to play on Wednesday, as he has not fully recovered from the injury he suffered in his left knee in the first leg.

In turn, defender Arturo Ortiz indicated that the Auriazules were not bothered by being the favorite team in the tournament final. Concachampions.

“We’ve been through many situations where we were underdogs, and that doesn’t play for us. We have to focus all the time, we have to make as few mistakes as possible, we’ll try to be more solid and strong when we have a goal”, emphasized the defender.

The Macrons drew 2-2 in the first leg, so in this second episode they are forced to win any result to win the CONCACAF title and go to the next Club World Cup.

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