“What surprised me most”: The legacy of Fernando Alonso in the United States

Fernando Alonso He is the biggest driver on the Formula 1 racing grid. The Asturian driver, in addition to being a two-time Champion of Class One motorsport, has also ventured into IndyCar. In this sense, an Indy lawyer gave an interview where he noted the two-time champion also passed the 24 Hours of Le Mans across the United States.

This weekend you will be playing Formula 1 at the Miami Grand Prix. The Grand Circus lands for the first time in the famous city where the Latin community is a cultural stronghold, like this Fernando Alonso He will get support because he is a Spanish speaking pilot. In this context, Alexander Rossi, his former teammate AsturianRemember his time at IndyCar.

Spanish competition in the United States

In 2017, I worked with Fernando Alonso. He had an extra car from Andretti and we were Indianapolis teammates. He did a great job as Honda had the best package for the ovals. The Andretti-Honda-Indianapolis mix was amazing and that year we were in the top five for most of the race,” Rossi explained in an interview with the official Formula 1 podcast.

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