La Jornada – With Canelo I learned discipline, and it was what I missed: Andy Ruiz


After losing the World Heavyweight Championship, Andy Ruiz plunged into a depression. He didn’t want to fight or train. He felt lost. The only idea that occurred to him was to reach out to those who are at the height of success and ask for their advice. He is called Saul Canelo Alvarez tells him that he likes him and that he wants to learn. Canelo Reply.

Alvarez told him, “I know your queens, you have wood. I know what you need, it’s called discipline. Come here, but you have to be ready to give 110 percent. The only thing I ask of you is surrender.”

Andy came and his life changed. I lost weight drastically. No longer a “chubby” box. He says that what he learns Canelo And his coach Eddie Rinoso returned to the world champion.

“What I’m learning is discipline,” says Andy. “That was what I needed, both inside and outside the ring.”

Ruiz will put his physical and mental transformation to the test next Saturday in Carson, California, where he will face another Mexican born in the United States. Chris Areola. It will be the first heavy battle between two of the tricolor in that country.

Areola, the son of Mexican immigrants, is shown by his roots. He wanted to be the first World Heavyweight Champion in this country; A franchise conquered by rival Andy Ruiz.

“First of all, my name is Cristóbal,” Arreola explains; They tell me Chris Because güeros don’t know how to pronounce my name. My father is an immigrant, like anyone who comes to this country, he taught me that only work can make you progress. All I think is that I cannot let my boss down or get my race down. If I fall, I wake up with this Mexican heart that I inherited. “

Andy talks with some camaraderie about his next rival. Remember you were a fan when you were a kid Chris For being a Mexican in the US he wants to be a heavyweight champion.

“My father told me, ‘Look, Andy, you will fight it. After that the machaca is finished, it will be the first heavy battle between two Mexicans in the United States and this gives us a lot of pride,” Ruiz concludes.

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