Pulisic make history for the United States in the Champions League


Football in the United States is going through a great moment after very difficult years. More and more players are choosing MLS Like your destiny, while too There are a large number of American players in big football in Europe And compete every year in Champions League.

Christian Pulisic An example of this is that he faced his heroic night against him Real Madrid And as a visitor. Footballer Chelsea He scored an impressive goal and left Thibaut Courtois strewn about, While it finally ended in a draw in the first leg of the semi-finals of the European competition. Plus, the striker made history.

22 years old Pulisic became the American player with the most goals in the Champions League. With his goal against Real Madrid, Christian has reached 5 units He left behind four DaMarcus Beasley, who was responsible for making them in his time in PSV and the Rangers.

Christian Pulisic, USA’s top scorer in the UEFA Champions League

While the feat is remarkable, Pulisic is far from a mere five touchdown. The player has a full career ahead of him and will be able to continue scoring goals over the years if he manages to stay at the first level and constantly participate in Champions League.

When is the second leg of Chelsea vs. Real Madrid

The Champions League semi-final comeback will take place next Wednesday, May 5, at Stamford Bridge. If Chelsea score a goalless draw, it will qualify for the final. On the other hand, if he tied with two goals or more, the ticket would be Real Madrid.

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