La Roja confirmed the salary list for duels with El Salvador and Mexico


Martín Lasarte, coach of the Chilean football team, confirmed the invitation of 25 players for the tour to the United States. La Roja will face El Salvador and Mexico.

Chilean national team coach Martin LasarteOn Saturday, it handed over a list of 25 players for the December friendly matches against Mexico and El Salvador, duels that will serve as preparation for the final stage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

Most of those summoned to these duels on North American soil are from the local environment, due to current restrictions by Covid-19.

Note that the presence of footballers Victor Davila, Jean Meneses (FC Leon de Mexico) and Felipe Mora (Portland Timbers of MLS) is subject to the outcome of the Play Off matches they play with their teams and the confirmation of their transfer. part of their clubs.

The Chilean national team will face Mexico on December 8 from 11:00 pm, while on the 11th of the same month it will clash with El Salvador from 8:00 pm.

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Zacharia Lopez | Sports La Serena

Eduardo Villanueva | colo colo

Sebastian Perez | catholic university

Gabriel Soazo | colo colo

Bruno Gutierrez | colo colo

Jason Rojas | colo colo

Benjamin Kocevic | Palmeiras (Brazil)

Sebastian Vegas | Monterrey, Mexico)

Valber Huerta | catholic university

Nicholas Diaz | Mazatlan (Mexico)

Claudio Baeza | Toluca (Mexico)

Ignacio Saavedra | catholic university

Vicente Pizarro | colo colo

Victor Mendes | Spanish Federation

Marcelino Nunez | catholic university

Marcelo Allende | Montevideo (Uruguay)

Pablo Barra | Puebla (Mexico)

Jean Menes | Leon (Mexico)

Joaquin Montenos | Audax Italian

Christian Zavala | Milibella Sports

Bastian Yanez | Spanish Federation

Diego Valencia | catholic university

Victor Davila | Leon (Mexico)

Evan Morales | colo colo

Felipe Mora | Portland Timbers (USA)

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