“Last Seen” can now be hidden from only certain contacts


WhatsApp just made a file improve privacy that you are likely to start using. So far optionLast seen …From the application you can hide, show or only show the contacts saved in your phonebook. This has just changed with the latest beta version available for the app. From now on users have the possibility Hide this information only from certain contacts in your phone book. It is no longer necessary to hide it from everyone, you can choose.

Hide WhatsApp calling time only from certain contacts

WhatsApp listened to the users and finally implemented this interesting feature. to the options menu forLast seen ‘ Added the ability to create a blacklist with certain contacts. This means that you can You have a general contact time For the whole world to see except for the contacts in the list.

Many users block this contact time in WhatsApp only for a few contacts. From now on The entire agenda will not be required. The user can blacklist these contacts and activate the connection time or activate “last seen” for the rest of the contacts.

It’s a slight update from Coming soon to everyone. At the moment it is being tested in beta, so it can already be tested publicly. If you do not want to install any trial, you will simply have to wait a little longer. How about this privacy update for The WhatsApp?

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