Latinas, with the highest pay inequality in the United States


at The United States, the wage gap between men and women for the same activity remains unequalAlthough they engage in the same activity, some sectors tend to receive less income from companies, sports, or other activities.

Megan Rapinoe and other women speak out against this unequal treatment

This is why women like it Megan Rapinoe raised her voice to denounce that in football, the NFL does not pay the same amount to the national women’s and men’s team, Which he showed today in front of Joe Biden.

Given this, the President of the United States, Joe Biden promised that women would receive a living wage equal to that of a man, But sport is just one of the many sectors that are afflicted with this disease in the United States.

Equal Pay Day: Latinas suffer from greater pay disparity in the United States

According to the EFE Agency, it is estimated that The pay gap between men and women in the US translates to 18 cents less for them for every dollar Pay salaries or fees.

But just in case For Hispanic women, wage inequality is increasingly high, with a difference of up to 45 cents between their work wages and men’s wages. In the United States.

Why is Equal Pay Day celebrated?

The day Equal pay It is celebrated in March to indicate the extent to which white women have to work to earn the same wage as men in the entire preceding year. Whereas, people of color, indigenous people, and Latins will have to wait until August, September and October respectively to reach this level.

“This (women’s soccer) team is living proof that you can be the best at what you do, but you still have to fight for equal pay,” Biden said at the event.

President Joe Biden said today at the White House: “My government will strive for equal pay to become a reality for all women,” who still earn less than men in “more than 90% of occupations.”

First lady, Jill Biden, reported unequal pay during her years of service

the first lady, Jill Biden revealed during the event that she herself suffered from wage discrimination during her first job as a teacher in 1975, When she found out she was only being paid 75% of what a man hired to do the same job at the same time she was working.

“It wasn’t just about money, it was just unfair. It was disrespect and discrimination.”

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