Law fell! Nintendo wins court order against ROMS


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Nintendo has a long history of lawsuits and disputes to prevent the unauthorized distribution of its games. The company doesn’t hesitate when it comes to protecting its perks, so in recent years many ROMS sites offering their titles have been criticized.

It was in 2019 when a legal dispute began against two sites that hosted and allowed downloading ROMS for their games for various consoles. in the beginning of the year Win a lawsuit against RomUniversePortal operated by Matthew Strowman.

Now, the authorities have taken advantage of Nintendo even more, as they have issued a permanent injunction against the site and its creator. For this reason, RomUniverse is forced to stop distributing all of the company’s games and use material that indicates a relationship with the brand.

Discover: Nintendo wins lawsuit against sites offering ROMS

Nintendo wins and ROMS will have to remove their games

In March 2021, the California authorities in the United States decided that Matthew Strowman should pay Nintendo 2.1 MDD for damages and infringement of rights due to materials he submitted on RomUniverse.

Now, a judge has authorized a court order in favor of the Japanese company, so Storman is now prohibited from copying, distributing, selling, and using illegal copies of any Nintendo title. Thus, no company material may be present on your portal.

Also, you may not use the trademarks, logos, or the company name itself in a confusing manner or for anything that is not authorized. The order seeks to end the illegal distribution of Nintendo games, so it contains another provision.

Judge Storman has ordered the permanent destruction of all unauthorized Nintendo games in office. Also, you will have to get rid of any movies, books, or music related to the company in your hands.

According to the details, the court order requires Storman to dispose of all materials by August 17 this year. Otherwise, you may face unspecified legal consequences.

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