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The development of the final stage of the Colombian Football Championship is still pending. Demaior chose to postpone the match Junior vs. Millionaires, In the first leg of the semi-final round, and Cali vs. Tolima, In a quarter turn. Both matches were due to be played on Saturday, but will now be rescheduled due to the state of public order in the country.

Demaior wanted the matches to take place on Saturday, but early on, the Cali and Tolima players issued a joint statement stating that they did not share the idea of ​​continuing the tournament in the current circumstances, as the captains did. Represented all the teams on Thursday, through the Professional Footballers Association (AFCOLVOTRO), in a meeting led by Carlos Gonzalez Butch, Agency Executive Director.

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The players were strong: “We consider it not appropriate to hold this match and we reiterate our desire to suspend all matches in Colombia until the situation we are experiencing is overcome,” said part of the statement.

“We understand the need to adhere to specific calendars, but in the current circumstances, that is impossible and not only we football players are endangering us, but everyone who depends on our activity,” he adds.

The players added that if the match continued, they would not attend the match. Demayor was scheduled to start the match at 3:30 pm in Invigado.

Demaior chief, Fernando Jaramillo, He stated that although he viewed a negative message to postpone the games, and had an idea for them to be played, there are no conditions for doing so at the moment. “I think the message was play,” Jaramillo told EL TIEMPO, “but if the conditions are not there and if people don’t want to, then we won’t play.”

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When asked if this new postponement keeps the possibility of a final suspension of the tournament open, Jaramillo emphasized that it cannot be determined now, because everything depends on daily life and how the general order situation progresses.

Yesterday there were also rumors that the remainder of the tournament may have moved to a place overseas such as the United States. In this regard, the President of Demayor told Radio Blue: “We do not want to appear lazy in turning our backs home and going anywhere else.”

La Liga, we’ll see

The Colombian championship has been suspended since May 2, when the quarter-final second-leg matches were held between Santa Fe and Junior, Nacional and La Equidad.

Milionarios and Junior, who qualified for the semi-finals, must face each other in the first-leg match in Barranquilla, the city that has been the epicenter of violent protests this week, during the two Copa Libertadores matches there: Junior River and America-Atlético Minero.

These teams have been waiting for the match since May 1. Barranquilla’s team was active in the Copa Libertadores, while ambassadors were waiting in Bogotá to deliver their training courses.

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Another semi-final seed, La Equidad, continues their competition in the Copa America, where they played this week in Venezuela and won.
The series between Cali and Tolima was won by Ibagué 3-0 in the first leg. This game has already been moved four times.

Vinuento played this week in Suramericana against Talleres de Córdoba and had to request that the match against Emelec be postponed.


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