Eighth place, Myriam Casillas in Yokohama, her best result in the World Championships


Myriam Casillas smiles after crossing the finish line eighth in Yokohama.

Extremadura Myriam Casela Achieved in the Yokohama World Championship, The first round of the World Triathlon Championship, The The best result of his career crossed the finish line in eighth place. Badajoz completed the course in one hour 55 minutes and 32 seconds, one minute and five seconds behind Neeb, in a test in which the United States placed three of its women in the top four, with Taylor Spivey in fourth place, 56 seconds. Who’s the winner.

Just over two months before the Tokyo Olympics, The feelings that Miriam Casillas of Extremadura gave in the Japanese lands were extraordinary. After several days of acclimatization to the country and the accompanying anti-virus measures since the beginning of the epidemic, Yokohama races have come under great suspicion, with some important infections, and as a test to know the state of the disease form. men and women. After more than a year of almost inactivity.

And Casillas He confirmed that it is in good conditionAnd, getting the last eighth place, is his best historical result in the World Championships. This post at the Tokyo Grand Prix will be her Olympic diploma. Lifting spirits and confirming a good job so far. As for the coronation positions, North American youth Taylor Kneep made a cycling break with Dutchman Maya Kingma, who was ultimately the bronze medalist. The silver medal also went to the Summer Rappaport in North America, which crept with the best part on foot to the second step of the podium. Double the joy of Kneeb, who in addition to his victory in Yokohama secured a place to defend the United States in the upcoming games.

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