‘Lightyear’: How much did it make at the US box office during its early days?

‘Lightyear’: How much did it make at the US box office during its early days?

Last Thursday was the world premiere of “Lightyear,” a Pixar and Disney movie based on one of the most iconic characters in the “Toy Story” franchise: Buzz Lightyear in space. In the United States, the box office was not favorable “Jurassic World: Dominion” The most-watched movie in theaters for the second week in a row.

On Thursday 16, pre-sales jobs were held in the United States and Canada, where “Light year” He added $5.2 million, and on Friday, the official day of his first show, he reached $20.7 million, according to information from diverse.

But their numbers slipped on Saturday to $15.7 million. While “Jurassic World: Dominion” It achieved 21.8 million, in its second week, it reported Limit. it is expected that “Light year” It hits $50 million in GDP after Father’s Day deals.

Although it didn’t break out at the box office, as might be expected, “Lightyear” is the biggest US animated show since the pandemic. Previous versions of Disney Pixar“Soul”, “Luca” and “Turning Red” are not released in cinemas, but on the Disney Plus platform “Light year” His first attempt to return to the big screen.

‘Lightyear’ director rules out making movie about Woody: ‘I don’t like the Old West’

After the premiere of the movie “Light year”Fans wondered if The Animation Factory would dare to narrate a solo movie to Andy’s other beloved game and great hero, Cowboy. friendly.

Currently, said film director Angus MacLean has been reluctant to leave outer space to tell a movie set in the Old West. The director stated in an interview with culture and entertainment.

The same negative response from the product “Light year”, Galyn Susman, who wasn’t too fond of genre movies like Desert Centaurs or Unforgiven. “I don’t like western movies either,” she settled into though she was excited about Pixar’s boldness to make her first western movie. friendlyalthough there are other creators out there.

“Of course, the studio is open to her, but it has to be with another creative team,” he added, raising hopes that Pixar would release a Woody movie. Specifically, in the second part of “Toy Story” it was shown that he had his own TV series, in which were the cowgirl Jesse, the faithful Perdignan horse, as well as the smelly house.

A reinterpretation that would see Pixar make its first Western films, a genre it has never really explored at the moment.

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