Lithium Predictions and Limitations – El Sol de México

Lithium Predictions and Limitations – El Sol de México

Lithium is a metal that presents us as a nation and as an alternative to development important opportunities and implications, because it is not necessarily the intended panacea.

The Federal Executive has sent, to the Federal Congress, an initiative to change the mining law, in which, among other things, lithium nationalization has been proposed as a kind of “Plan B”, having failed to gain approval for it in electrical legislative reform.

Only in the elementary approach there is a series of inaccuracies regarding this metal, which many consider “white gold”, both because of its legal relationship with our country, and because of its deep nature and real usefulness.

On the other hand, there is talk of its nationalization, while in fact it has been nationalized since 1917, when it was proposed in the political constitution of the United Mexican States, it was established that everything that lies underground belongs to the state, so the companies that came to work on exploration have to remove lithium From the subsoil to do so with concessions granted by the government.

On the other hand, this mineral looks like a source of energy which in fact it is not. What turns out to be a great conductor of electricity, which is why it is used as a main component in batteries used today for high-tech devices, such as computers, smartphones, electronic tablets, and many more. , such as the increasingly used “smartwatch”. In addition, batteries for electric cars are included, which increasingly have greater autonomy.

As for the nationalization of lithium, it is not something that is a problem in itself, because it already belongs to the nation, as there will be a source of conflict, it is in the nationalization of the production chain, which increases the conflict refers to the fact that we have no rough idea of ​​how much lithium we actually have .

In all of this, we must add a plan to create a state company that will be responsible for lithium-related operations, which in terms of generating greater bureaucracy does not give guarantees for any production scheme. Suffice it to recall the six-year period of Jose Lopez Portillo, when uranium “Uramex” was created, a Mexican state company, which never produced any part of the radioactive element.

Given this, in addition, it is important to achieve much higher levels of autonomy, especially for vehicles and even electric aircraft already contemplated, which in a period expected to be no more than 20 years, it was possible to replace lithium in the manufacture of accumulators by other materials Others such as sodium, calcium and high performance expectation would be hydrogen.

It is very important to look for schemes to accelerate the exploitation of lithium and get the largest profit in the coming years, because this is the only way in which Mexico makes a resounding profit, as so far only countries such as Australia, Chile and China have done.

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