liver Gausmann will rule in Parabadminton International 2021


The citizen of Lanzarote is already in Cartagena to witness the event

Badminton rule Lanzarote. liver Gausmann, continues his expectations and in a short time managed to be one of the leading referees on the European stage, with the exception of the youngest referees to achieve the international championship.

On Sunday, Elever traveled to Cartagena, Murcia, where the 2021 Spanish International Parapadminton Championship will be held on Tuesday. Upon arrival and after passing the health protocols required by the World Badminton Federation (BWF), to develop an event of this size was restricted in the hotel without being able to leave the room other than going to the Sports Palace where the event will take place.

Parabadminton is a traditional form of badminton, in which players with physical disabilities participate and have recently been incorporated into Lanzarote. “The rules are the same, although there are some differences according to the different disabilities,” explains liver Gausmann to LanzaroteDeportiva.

This event is very important for Parapadminton players as it puts into place in the last places to be able to attend the Paralympic Games in Tokyo this summer, where the sport will be launched. For this reason, players from 36 countries and 4 continents did not hesitate to arrive in Murcia to find last place or finish preparations, as some had already obtained a Paralympic passport. Athletes from Malaysia, Thailand, Israel, Uganda or Kuwait mix with Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Guatemalan or Italian.

It will also be the best in the world in arbitration, with 15 referees in court, 3 referees and 2 match officials, from Germany, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Cuba, Guatemala and Spain. Some of them will also be at this summer’s hottest sporting event, with Lanzarote dreaming of being able to one day arrive. “The truth is that when I started judging, I couldn’t dream of the Olympics or the Paralympics, but since I made my first international match, I have been working for it,” says Oliver, who confirms that “in Tokyo, it’s impossible because I don’t I fulfill the requirements, but I hope to be in the 2024 Paris Olympics. “

liver, who has grown by leaps and bounds in badminton refereeing, left good feelings at the Spanish Junior International or Portuguese Junior International held at the end of 2020 and that is why he received an invitation for this Olympic preparatory tournament which will run until May. 16 ..

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