Los Angeles fans celebrate Real Madrid and forget about Kylian Mbappe’s novel

Los Angeles fans celebrate Real Madrid and forget about Kylian Mbappe’s novel

Real Madrid once again won the title of the best club in the world, after winning the most expensive title in Europe, the Champions League, after beating Liverpool on Saturday.

In addition to the large number of titles adorning his shield, 14 in the Champions League, Real Madrid has fans all over the world. Although the biggest celebration of the championship certainly took place in Madrid and Paris, where the Grand Final was held, it is worth noting that on the other side of the world, in the USA to be exact, there are Merengue fan clubs as big as any other.

Peña Madridista de Los Angeles is the second-largest fan, out of 15, for Real Madrid in the United States and while celebrating the tournament against the English, he showed his ability to draw his fans to the celebration.

“We’re here to celebrate the 14th, so it’s a great day for Real Madrid in LA,” Stewart Wolfensohn told the LA Times en Español at LA Live’s game-watching party downtown. “Officially we have 700 people, the forum is already full, but Madrid is a very big club, the biggest in the world, and if we had 2,000 people, they would be here too, of course.”

In the midst of their preparations for the Grand Final, Real Madrid witnessed an off-pitch novel involving Kylian Mbappe, who decided to stay with his current club, Paris Saint-Germain, and left the fans standing.

The Paris Saint-Germain star had promised in April to wear the Real Madrid shirt, but last week decided to stay in Paris. However, Real Madrid fans seem to have forgotten about it immediately.

“Who? Who? (laughs),” Wolfensohn asked. “Look, there was one thing he said [Santiago] The Bernabeu is that “the shirt does not get dirty and this is the best club in the world”, so the page was turned a long time ago and the most important thing is this (he said, referring to a replica of the Spanish League de Champions)”.

Among those present at the event was Rossio Monforte, as a representative of the Spanish Tourist Office in Los Angeles, who took advantage of the final to develop her work and promote Spain as a tourist and business destination.

“We support Peña del Real Madrid in Los Angeles because we believe the sport is an interesting driver of tourism and football is much more than that… here in Los Angeles, all over California and the entire East Coast, from Alaska to Hawaii. It is gaining a lot of followers among young people.

According to Monforte, she was surprised by the number of fans of the Merengue club in Los Angeles.

“It’s my first experience with Real Madrid Peña here in Los Angeles,” said Monforte. “We know some of the activities that Stewart has developed as club president and we think the fan profile is perfect. He is the one who will be traveling to Spain and we are very excited to be here.”

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