Major League Baseball is looking for talent in Ensenada – AGP Deportes

Major League Baseball is looking for talent in Ensenada – AGP Deportes

Tijuana, Baja California. – The Institute of Sports and Physical Culture of Baja California (INDE BC), directed by Lourdes Cañez Martínez, will begin in the coming days with improvements and rehabilitation of the various spaces and infrastructures in the different training areas that will be used in the country.

Following that path, on the Tijuana High Performance Center athletics track, work has begun on a lighting rehabilitation, which will feature new lights as of Wednesday, November 23.

In order to continue to improve conditions in the training of athletes in Baja California, intensive maintenance will be carried out in the aforementioned region of the Central African Republic, which has been required for more than two years.

David Gutiérrez, representative of the Flag Soccer Sentinels in Tijuana and Mexicali, will be the one to collaborate with the state government and INDE BC to install the floodlights that will be located on four poles surrounding the sports space.

This Friday, in a meeting with Francisco Benedez Encinas, Director of Sports Talent Development of INDE BC and Yolanda Moya, Delegate of INDE BC in the Central African Republic in Tijuana, it was decided for logistical reasons related to the availability of the crane that allows a height of thirty meters that will be on Wednesday when 60 lamps are installed .

These lamps will illuminate both the athletics track, the soccer field, as well as the shooting area, replacing the existing lamps that were already melted down and outdated from previous administrations.

The lamps have a capacity of 1500 watts each, made of a mineral additive, in addition to ballasts that will be put in place, and wires that have been damaged over time will also be replaced.

The four lights are located on two levels; The first is directed towards the athletics area in the natural grass area where javelin and javelin throwing are practiced, and on the second level they will be placed to light the track and football field.

David Gutierrez, who in his youth was part of the state’s basketball and volleyball teams, commented that for him, being supported in this way is a way to thank the sport for the many pleasant memories it has given him.

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