Make-up recreation from The Squid Game (Netflix) goes viral on TikTok


When the heroine of the series of the moment has nearly ten million followers on Instagram and has a solid career as a model in South Korea, it is only a matter of time before social networks are filled with people imitating her looks. HoYeon Jung, the protagonist of The Squid GameThe Netflix series that has brought Korean drama to a global audience of different ages and nationalities, is responsible for the multiple images of people with hawk-faced, bruised faces on TikTok and Instagram. The game started.

Why is everyone talking about the ‘Squid game’?

First, nothing compares to placing newborns in the context of South Korea’s audiovisual culture. The premiere of The Squid Game on September 17 succeeded in infiltrating the fantasy series Top 10 most viewed of the week in different countries And first place in the United States. The modern fantasy film chronicles the tactics of a variety of players who put their lives on the line to win a prize of 45.6 billion won. The 456 participants who began the adventure, locked in an unknown location, compete in traditional Korean games, however, In case of loss, they die.

HoYeon Jung, plays Kang Sae-byeok in “The Squid Game.” (Netflix)

These circumstances, of course, make most of the series’ protagonists look bloody, with visible signs of fatigue, disheveled, and sweaty… And so begins the viral challenge on TikTok. HoYeon JungThe model and actress who gave life to Kang Sae-byeok, a participant in “The Squid Game”, has become the figure to be imitated in various social networks. Maybe being the girlfriend of Jenny, the Black Pink singer, has something to do with this.

Specifically, it all started when the actress shared a time lapse on social networks where she showcased her makeup and hairstyling sessions in the series’ dressing rooms. Kang Sae Byeok’s shaggy hair is the result Hair curlers, hair dryers and more doll toysWhile the makeup is a compendium of the steps and products that aroused the curiosity of the followers of the series.

Challenge 1: Cut your hair

The first step is to recreate the hero’s haircut, which is chin-level curly hair in which the jaw is framed and the ’70s look is achieved. Curtain-type bangs, with very little hair but a little longer, come from the top of the head, and get lost with the rest of the layers, creating a messy aesthetic. Do you use a wig to become the protagonist of the series? No, ladies and gentlemen, this is TikTok, here you get a real haircut.

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scissors in the hand and with great concentration, men and women cut their bangs live, Taking for reference the height of the eyes, so that it is covered with the classic curtain cover. The haircut, which has not yet been christened, may be reminiscent of the ultra-short bob that became fashionable in South Korea and Japan a few years ago, but this hairdo requires a longer and longer hairstyle.


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squid effect makeup

But the most addictive moment to watch videos of ‘The Squid Game’, whether on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok, is undoubtedly the end result, when the makeup has already worked its magic. Unlike other viral challenges, there is no step-by-step tutorial here, just a very quick go through which to see the before and after, so everyone is using their knowledge Recreate the features of the actressThe wounds on his face and even the details like the opening of his eyesight.


Dave Gwen on my girl crush list ✍️😫

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Those who share step-by-step with you, as the heroine of The Squid Game did on her Instagram account, can glue their upper eyelids to open their eyes more and simulate the round shape of HoYeon Jung’s eyes, creating freckles or even Makes lips look dehydrated. The dark circle action is perhaps most striking, as ultra-realistic results can be seen as the concealer specifically becomes an enhancer of redness or puffiness.

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Another saying of Korean makeup, Aeygo Sal, which is a thin, elongated bag marked just below the lower eyelid and is nothing more than an accumulation of fat in South Korea. Highlight with illuminatorIt is also not lacking in the various videos that appear on social platforms.

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Once again, Netflix dictates this season’s makeup and hair trends as it did with ‘Lady’s Gambit’ or ‘Emily in Paris’, the only thing going viral now is re-feeling tired… Will we be before the 2021 Halloween costume?

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