Matthias Baeza Parker prepares to complete a world record

Matthias Baeza Parker prepares to complete a world record

The extreme athlete of our country, Matthias Baeza is part of the 200 athletes who will strive for a world record in skydiving

A big sporting event will be held in United States and ChileIt will have a representative. This is because Matthias Baeza Parkerthe professional skydiver will travel to City of Chicago to participate in a new edition of Vertical Elite Camp, The event that brings together 200 of the best athletes in this category and seeks to break a world record.

In a conversation with La, Matthias Baeza, recounted how he is preparing for this sporting event and what activity will be held between August 23 and 27 in North America. Chilean guy He has already logged over 6,500 jumps and wants to record a new adventure in his theatrical life as a skydiver.

“People have been rating for at least two years… In my case, I went to the last rating and was selected out of 120 people who went looking for this rating and was very happy »Matthias Baeza told La Hora.

The Chilean has been practicing this extreme sport for eight years and has been part of other records, such as the one in Chile, where thirteen people who jumped into the void were able to hold hands. Now, he is striving to do the same with 200 athletes in order to beat the world record in this category.

200 people from 10 planes

The event in Chicago brings together the best skydivers around the world And Matthias Baeza explained how they will be able to break the world record. “There are 200 paratroopers jumping from 10 different planes The idea is to create a character with these 200 people. For this registry to work, all 200 people must be in a specific location and in a specific location.”

He also added it “Everyone has a number and every one has a task to perform. Since it is difficult to achieve, it is performed on Sunday, the first day, and is performed as a warm-up with jumps for 40 people according to the segments of this number. After Monday to Friday, 200 people jump.”

The jump will take place at an altitude of more than 6000 meters, So all the athletes who will participate must have access to oxygen to be able to stabilize at this 19,000-foot limit and skydive on launch, Its speed is between 320 to 400 kilometers per hour.

Your personal experience with skydiving

Mathias Baeza Parker has been practicing this extreme sport for over 8 years and is part of an important groupalong with Brazilian skydivers, with whom they strive to break records in South America and are constantly working on this matter.

“I devoted myself for a long time to teaching, to training students to jump, to be able to jump with passengers who wanted to experience this experience for the first time, I photographed the passengers, Until I began to devote myself a little more as an athlete, professionally, to competitions, to all these kind of records ».

In the past three years, the national skydiver has devoted himself to skydiving training at more advanced levels and has continued to train in the two ways he practices, These are high-speed landings as well as highly complex jumps.

Skydiving in our country

In Chile, the sport has grown a lot lately, says Matias Baeza. In fact, he stated that there are 5 patriotic advocates in our country of high class and today they are outside the country. Even another Chilean will also be part of this world record-breaking event, but it is based in Panama.

Finally, Matthias Baeza noted that it’s the adrenaline elicited by skydiving that makes him committed to the sport. Which made him today on the verge of setting a world record in this category.

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