Mayweather will swing again in 46: The Mafia’s Relationships With His Rival And The Own Scenario He Chose To Fight

Mayweather will swing again in 46: The Mafia’s Relationships With His Rival And The Own Scenario He Chose To Fight
June 6, 2021; Miami, Florida, United States; Floyd Mayweather Jr. poses in the ring before his fight against Logan Paul at Hard Rock Arena. (mandatory credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)

Floyd Mayweather Jr He just confirmed that he will reign again in 46 years old. As his fans used to, money will face a Exhibition fight against MMA fighter younger than 16 years old, who was already engaged in boxing and had two fights above the ring, both of which were victories. However, the surprising fact is this Multiple boxing champion rivalwho retired from professional play in 2017 with an unbeatable 50-0 record and 12 world titles in five different categories, It will be John Gotti III, The grandson of the famous American gangster John Gotti. The evening will take place on June 11th at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida.

Mayweather returns to South Florida after the historic fight against famous YouTuber Logan Paul in 2021. In addition to his performances with social media stars, Floyd has faced competitors from other combat sports, including MMA or mixed martial arts and kickboxing, in Dubai, Japan and the United Kingdom. “I’m committed to bringing the biggest and best events to the public, and Sunday June 11th will be like nothing I’ve seen in sports and entertainment,” said Mayweather, who has already presented six shows. Tickets will go on sale next Friday, May 5th.

“It’s all about merging the entertainment of first-rate musical performances with first-rate skills in the ring. I love the fans in South Florida and I know they’ll appreciate this first event that we’re going to give them,” Floyd added about. the event which will be dedicated to the memory of Mariette “Kichi” Lorico, Mayweather’s longtime associate, who died suddenly in April, and who It will witness the special participation of international music star Ozuna.

Mayweather also revealed that he keeps a Great relationship with the father of John Gotti III. “Yes, I am your father’s friend. This is what people don’t know. I have always been friends with the Gotti family.”. Of his exhibition bouts, he was savvy: “I’ve been competing at the highest level for 27 years. And I’m going to keep having fun, enjoying myself, until I’m ready to say, You know what? Enough is enough.”

John Gotti III is a mixed martial arts fighter who has had a break up in professional boxing recently. His professional mixed martial arts career began in 2017 with matches held in Oyster Bay, New York. During his six-year career, he has achieved a 5-1 record in MMA show competition at CES. His last loss was with Nick Ally in 2020.

His transition to boxing occurred in October 2022, when he made his in-ring debut against Albert Tully, whom he defeated by unanimous decision in four rounds. Then came a first round knockout of Alex Citroski, in what were his last fights in January of this year.

“I grew up idolizing Floyd and am honored to have this opportunity to get in the ring against him. He is one of the greatest boxers of all time and that is why I get into the fighting game. But on June 11th, I will punish him.” explained. He added, “And I don’t care if he’s exhibition or not. She starts fighting with me, there’s no way out. So it’s kill or be killed. I’m going to show him different styles, something the previous YouTubers didn’t do, whatever you want to call them, because they all suck.”

John Gotti III is also known for his family ties to the mafia, as is His grandfather is John Gotti, a crime boss The most famous in American history, from He led the famous New York Gambino crime family He died in prison in 2002.

Take famous mafia boss John Gotti to the court of justice. Later, a jury would acquit him of all charges related to the shooting of a union leader. An example of his dominance in the American city

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