Mexico at the Oscars 2021: List of Mexican nominees and candidates


Carlos Curtis, Michel Kotolink and Jaime Baskecht are the Mexicans who were nominated for an Oscar for the movie “Sound of Metal,” Amazon Studios original production in the Best Sound category, which is also available in the Amazon Prime Video catalog. The three also compete with other top productions like Apple TV + Greyhound, Disney’s Soul, and Netflix’s Mank on the same shortlist.

According to critics who introduced the movie The Sound of Metal, which has six films Nominations, Mexicans have achieved an exceptional function, because through sound they bring viewers closer to the vibrations that a person, a metal drummer, notices when he loses his hearing.

Mexicans nominated for an Oscar

Michelle Kotolink participated in the voice of the feature films “El laberinto del Pan” and “Apocalypto”, “La 4ta” and “En el hoyo” are collaborating with Baksht, the other Mexican candidate. Michelle She would become the first Mexican audio engineer to win an Oscar.

“I have devoted myself to this for 15 years, I have made no less than 100 movies and I work all the time, but if I don’t work then I go to the movies in my spare time. ”

Jaime Baksht has been awarded the Silver Ariel Award three times. Posted in “Rome”, “Museum”, “I’m no longer here,” Nuevo Orden, among other works such as Sound of Metal, for which she was nominated at the Oscars.

“It was an incredible teamwork. I think the acoustic design done by Nicholas Baker (Team Leader) It is a great thing. It is something different. The sound engineer told Millenio newspaper that the sound does not only tell the story of “the sound of metal,” but it is an emotional experience. “

Carlos Curtis collaborated on Fantastic Mr. Fox By Wes Anderson, he has acted in many national and international films.

“In previous editions there were other Mexicans, the peculiarity of this project is that everything was done in MexicoThis gives it another layer of distinction. I am very happy with the nomination, regardless of the outcome, to be an honor and a privilege here.

“I am happy that they are already heading to what is being done in Mexico, because in the past they were Mexicans working abroad, On this occasion, we are three Mexicans working on the project in Mexico, ”Carlos Curtis told Publimetro.

When will the 2021 Oscars be delivered?

The 93rd Edition of the United States Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards It will take place on April 25 in Los Angeles.

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