Mexico has achieved a historic baseball ranking and has overtaken the United States


The ninth tricolor ranks fourth on the WBSC’s international list; It has its highest position with 2,722 points, lower than only Japan, China and South Korea

The Mexican baseball team is starring in a historic event by placing itself, for the first time, in fourth place in the World Softball Baseball Federation (WBSC) international rankings, a list released and overtaking the United States, the group that was placed in fifth.

With 2,722 points, the ninth tricolor team replaced the North American team and is among the best in the world, only behind Japan (3752), the past Tokyo 2020 Olympic champion, who is still on top of the list. Chinese Taipei (3321) group rose one place, and South Korea (3137).

The WBSC World Ranking, the global governing body for both ball disciplines, measures the performance of teams in international competitions, approved by the organisation, from the U-12 category to the highest; Includes a total of 85 national team programmes.


Photo: EFE

The Men’s Selected Ranking marks the end of 2021, after a four-year period of intense activity, and this statistic reflects the expiration of the points awarded in 2017.

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