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As usual, at each end and beginning of the year they are accompanied by budgets and perspectives on the diversity of topics and activities. Sports, elections, competitions of all kinds, predictions – more is needed, about the behavior of the economy and the main raw materials, among other areas of speculation. However, regarding aspects related to the defense, security and intelligence sectors, forecasts are frequently read, which limit science fiction or, more than that, those that paint apocalyptic scenarios.

One of them, which I have been discussing in this pleasant area, is the growing tensions between Russia, NATO, and Ukraine. Even in the last days of December, video testimony was widely disseminated, of reservists of Ukraine, of various origins, merchants, students, professionals, among other activities, receiving basic military training, with all the necessary equipment and uniforms for this . a task. For his part, Vladimir Putin has raised an unusual hypothesis regarding how the White House would react if Russia established nuclear missile bases in both of them or in Mexico, targeting major cities in the United States.

This allusion, again, refers us to the distinctive physical location of our country, and of course to the view – as it is, of world military powers, as to how attractive the geopolitics of Mexico are. This point cannot and should not be left in the anecdote raised at a press conference, as it was the case. Despite the clarity of the claim, the arms race and geo-regional rivalries will not end. In this sense, Mexico plays a very important and sensitive role in the balances of the continent and the world. Let us recall, on the other hand, the official proposal and approach of General Lloyd Austin, Head of the United States Department of Defense, regarding our country’s formal admission to NATO. This is not speculation or rumours. Both President Putin and General Austin made public statements and accepted the media at official events. No improvisation.

Faced with this particular coincidence of references to our country and geopolitics, it is from the perspective of urban areas responsible for projecting and promoting national interests that a solid platform for resource expression must be calculated or built. The conditions that Mexico possesses, to record its priorities in the international concert. There is something that has been done in the UN Security Council in terms of establishing protocols for the exchange of information that allow the illicit arms trade to be known and contained at a given moment. Happy and healthy 2022.

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