Four members of Badminton Club Montella participate as judges in the 2021 World Cup in Huelva ~ Montella Digital

Montella Badminton Club is fortunate for the good work done by four of its members during the recent celebration of the Badminton World Championship “Huelva 2021”, where they participated as members of the judging team that evaluated the correct development of this competition and was controlling the different parties.

The tournament, which brought together the best rackets of the world in the capital Huelva, with the participation of more than 385 players from 52 countries, was attended by 4 judges and a delegation of 14 international referees with a long history in high-level tournaments. the judging panel that included Antonio Aguilar as a member of the organization; and Marta Rodriguez, Francesco Cobos and Sergio Cardador, as line judges.

Eric Lessilor (France) was the main referee of the tournament. His teammates were represented by Ewald Sinek (Austria), Chris Lawrence (USA) and Carmen Martinez (Denmark) as deputy referees. The arbitrators, accredited by the BWF, came from 11 different countries (Germany, Brazil, Botswana, Denmark, Estonia, India, Italy, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, and Uganda).

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