Microsoft opens its AI tool to everyone

Microsoft opens its AI tool to everyone

Microsoft This Thursday he opened his free-for-all tool artificial intelligence, bingAble to generate text and images, which was launched three months ago and which until now can only be accessed by invitation or by queue.

“We’ve come a long way since we launched Bing and Edge 90 days ago. And we think now is an important time to get more feedback and feedback” from users, he explained to EFE This Thursday, Vice President of Microsoft, Youssef Mahdi.

He explained, “We can improve the product, we can make it available and help people more widely. That’s why we’re going from limited preview to open preview.”

Bing, which is only accessible by the Microsoft Edge browser, combines GPT-4 and DALL-E 2 technology from Open AI (the creators of ChatGPT and DALL-E) with Microsoft’s search results index,” something you can’t get anywhere else. place other than Bing,” according to the company.

Image: Twitter (Bing)

Unlike the first prototype, which was announced in February and to which only a select few had access,new bing“released by the company today is not only able to answer users’ questions with text, but also with pictures, photos and graphics.

You can also translate users’ texts into images. In the latter case, Bing can respond to a request like “Create a picture of a dog eating ice cream” with four different suggestions in a matter of seconds.

This function can be used in more at Hundreds of languages And all generated images have the Bing watermark at the bottom.

Another change is that Bing can now reply to 20 questions in the same “conversation” – Microsoft cut the responses to six, as some users received annoying replies in longer conversations – Additionally, in this new version, users will be able to access their chat history and share the responses they got.

In the first 90 days of this tool’s public life, Bing engaged in over 500 million conversations and Bing Image Creator generated over 200 million images.

“In total, Bing has grown to surpass 100 million daily active users and daily installs of the Bing mobile app have quadrupled since its launch,” the company notes in a statement.

Microsoft told Efe that chat in Microsoft Edge will also soon have the ability to annotate long documents, including PDFs and websites, as well as offer several plug-ins.

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