Missionary Father Ambrosoli, new blessed of the Church

Missionary Father Ambrosoli, new blessed of the Church

Doctor and priest Giuseppe Ambrosoli who embraced the missionary life in 1956 and died in Uganda in 1987, He was beatified On the occasion of the feast of Christ the King.

He was born in Ronago, Italy, on July 25, 1923, and later died 31 years of mission In Uganda where he dedicates his life to those who need him most, A hospital opened which served as a health center and shelter.

In the province of Como, where his birthplace is located, a Thanksgiving Mass was celebrated, presided over by Cardinal Oscar Cantone.


It was beatification Held in Uganda By the Apostolic Nuncio for the country, Bishop Luigi Bianco, on the day of Christ the King.

During the sermon he delivered in English, the bishop stressed the importance of the testimony of this priest and doctor who gave his life in “Caring for body and soul wounds».

As Bianco pointed out twinning That his life is entangled between churches and the places where he spent his life, Ronago in Italy and Kalongo in Uganda. The archbishop described him as a Blessed “Italian and Ugandan”.

Christ the King

Since Christ the King is celebrated, Luigi Bianco states that Christ’s kingship is based on humility, Jesus “gave his life for love and did not seek power”.

He continued that this kingdom of Christ is not equal to the powers and kingdoms of this world, “because God He does not have to increase his strength and crushing others. He does not rule by armies and force. his is Kingdom of love».

In this sense, the Apostolic Nuncio of Uganda said that this love of Christ is “Father’s choices inspired Giuseppe Ambrosoliwho puts his medical knowledge at the disposal of the Territory Especially the poor At that time without ever neglecting to take care of the person as a whole ».

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