More than 800 athletes will compete on Sunday, March 6, in Cerrilla, for the LI Gran Premio Cáceres de Campo a Través

More than 800 athletes will compete on Sunday, March 6, in Cerrilla, for the LI Gran Premio Cáceres de Campo a Través

The event, the oldest in a regional cross country and sixth oldest in the national circuit, appears for the first time in the calendar World Athletics (WA) Cross-Country Gold TourThus, it considers itself a competitor at the international level.

Circuit “El Estanquillo”, in the town of Serradilla, in Caceres, is ready and ready to host on Sunday, March 6, LI Caceres Cross Country Grand PrixOrganized by the Cáceres Provincial Council and the Municipality of Cerrilla, in cooperation with the Spanish Military Council, the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation and the Federation of Extreme Athletics.

Culture and Sports Agent, Fernando Grande Cano, at a press conference, this new version of the event “the oldest and the main sporting standard in the cross-country region, as well as being the sixth oldest on the national circuit.” To this, as Grande Cano pointed out, its nature has now been added as a competition at the international level, because it appears for the first time in a calendar World Athletics (WA) Golden Suburban Tour, And he does it with Expect more than 800 participating athletes, From all over the world, with a large portion of the national and international elite.

Accompanied by Grande Cano, Deputy Delegate for Sports, Pablo Miguel Lopez; Director General of Sports of the Extremadura Military Council, Dan de Sandy; Mayor of Cerrilla, Francis Xavier Sanchezrepresentative of the Extremadura Athletics Federation, Manuel Eugenio Casco.

The representative stressed the importance of this test The only roving character within the national calendar. “This reflects our commitment to bringing sporting and cultural events to the entire county, regardless of population, with a desire to improve organizational skills and sporting culture among all citizens.”

In this sense, the Mayor of Cerrilla conveyed the sentiment “feeling all residents of Cerrilla to host a world-class competition, which will make the best national and international athletes run through the ejido”.

Both the Mayor and Director General of Sports highlighted the natural space in which the test will take place, such as in the Monfrago Biosphere Reserve area of ​​influence, “indicating the unique values ​​and resources that we have, and in which we have to continue to work.”


The El Estanquillo circuit, in Serradilla, near the urban area, has good planning features and auxiliary infrastructure. In it is provided Three tracks: one of 1500 meters, a large circle or “A”; The last 1,000 metres, Circuit B, and a shorter, 500 metre, or Circuit C, scheme for the lower classes.

amorphous surface, with little difference between the highest point and the lowest point; Have grass all over the playing court and of sufficient width both in the starting area and in the outermost part, always at least 6 metres.

The design of the circle, due to its presence and location, will allow viewers to easily and almost completely follow it at certain points.

Public relationsUh

The test is open to athletes from subcategories 8, sub10, sub12 (juniors), sub14 (children), sub16 (trainees), sub18 (juveniles), sub20 (juniors), masters (veterans) and absolute ( Senior – less than 23) men and women. Being registered in the 2022 Autonomous Cross Country League.

Among the expected 800 athletes, there will be players from different Spanish communities, as well as from other countries, with a good presence of the national and international elite, especially in the categories of seniors under 23 (absolute).

Among athletes, it is worth highlighting such names as Eva Chirono (Kenya), Likina Amibao (Ethiopia), Yasmine Can (Turkey) or Spanish Irene Sanchez Escribano, Carla Gallardo, Cristina Ruiz or Blanca Fernandez de la Granga.

Among the male participants, Joel Aiko (Uganda), Aaron Kivli, Yemane Hilsolasi (Eritrea), Terry Ndikumwinayo (Burundi) or Spaniard Danny Ars, Ibrahim Isaidoni, Victor Ruiz, Paul Urach and Extremaduran Yago Rojo.

The Signal This edition is dedicated to many of the athletes who were champions of the 2018 edition in Moralia, including Spanish cross-country champions Carlos Mayo, Tony Abadia and Ayad Lamdansen.

The test will be broadcast over the streamg Through the Youtube channel of Diputación de Cáceres.

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