The National Assembly Recognizes Athletes in the Olympics and Paralympics | Sports |

The National Assembly Recognizes Athletes in the Olympics and Paralympics |  Sports |

The National Assembly announces approval of the new sports law

The National Assembly awarded the awards to the athletes who participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, in a ceremony held on December 14, in the public hall.

Cristian Sanchez, President of Glories of Ecuadorean Sports (GLODIC), confirmed that Ecuador’s sports participation in Tokyo 2020 was relevant, as the historic achievement of Olympic athlete, Nessi Dagomes, now affects many girls and boys interested in weightlifting and other disciplines.

Sanchez revealed that over three years they have submitted proposals to the legislature on sports law reforms, reflecting the fact that athletes live every day and promoting the real rights of the sports sector.

During the 752nd legislative session, a resolution was approved by legislator Maria José Plaza (CREO), declaring August 29 of each year the National Paralympic Sports Day, in which the work and effort they do will be recognized. Athletes with disabilities. He was chosen that day, because it was when Ecuador won its first gold medal at the Paralympics.

During the honoring ceremony, the President of the National Assembly, Guadalupe Laurie, committed to addressing the Sports Bill to improve the living conditions of those who need it most.

He said that the proposal seeks to guarantee the right of athletes in the areas of higher education, work and society. It is proposed to create special educational programs for high-performing athletes, scholarships, economic aid and affirmative action.

With regard to work, the right to social security and incentives for employers and workers who encourage exercise is proposed, and it also prioritizes medical care for athletes.

Darwin Castro, a Paralympian athlete, has called on the association for the new sports law to include support for athletes with disabilities, as well as adequate infrastructure. (me)

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