MTB | Hannah Bergman explores the West Coast of the United States


Last winter, due to rain and snow that hit Bellingham (Washington, United States) Hannah, Drew, Oliver, and Skye decide to head south to the Oregon Coast. To find better conditions and ride the MTB on the tracks in the area. What would the full bike ride be like, which is summarized in this video from Transition Bikes:

More about the hero: the 25-year-old, American Hannah Bergman is at the peak of her athletic career. Specialized in Mountain Bike Freeride and Slopestyle, he has continued to advance his level since it was revealed at Red Bull Formation.

He grew up at the foot of the Cascades, in Hood River (Oregon) and quickly became passionate about the world of action sports. Oddly enough, he didn’t start with a bike, but with Friske, where he’s been racing for a few years. MTB at that time was a hobby inherited from his father, Who gave her a full suspension bike to accompany her on outings. And he gave her such a passion that she quickly fell in love with two wheels. A month later I was competing in Enduro events.

In fact, Hanna He resides in Bellingham not only because he studies there (Western Washington University), but because of the biker community. However, in practice, do not compete. As the only reason to do so, she understands is to try to challenge her limits (or others are motivating her to do so) but the truth is that she has managed to get brands to notice her for her adventures, which is the dream of any mountain bike racer. And this video is a good example of that. It’s not known what the future will hold but judging by the photos and videos he’s posting…definitely a great thing. Literally.

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