NASA warns of ‘potentially dangerous’ asteroid; It could collide with Earth this month

NASA warns of ‘potentially dangerous’ asteroid;  It could collide with Earth this month

a Asteroid 2023 CL3 has caused an alertas it is expected to pass close by Land During the last days of May, according to an approach alert issued by a pot.

the The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, known as a pot (for English abbreviation), he said the asteroid is more than twice the size of the Statue of Liberty.

Specialists noted that The impact of this asteroid on Earth could be catastrophicbecause they assert that our planet is not ready to defend itself against this kind of event.

he 2023 CL3 NASA included it in its list of near-Earth objects to study and even recognized the need to improve methods of defense against asteroids classified as “dangerous”.

When is the asteroid expected to pass near Earth?

will be today May 24 When the asteroid passes near Earth, according to expert calculations. This rocky celestial body will be at a distance of 7.2 million kilometers from our planet and will be traveling at a high speed.

So far it is not known from which places You can see this asteroid But experts point out that a specialized team is required to see them from Earth.

Scientists warn that a rock of this size It can cause damage if it hits the ground, For this reason, they are working on developing defense tactics.

On the other hand, for the peace of mind of many, most asteroids disintegrate upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere, although those that are large enough can cause significant damage, which is why they continue to be studied and analyzed.

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