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Argentine Basketball is having one of its best moments and the news of Gabriel Dick’s arrival in NBA Confirm this. The striker will leave Real Madrid to be a part of Olcahoma City Thunder For this season. He will be the second player born in Albiceleste to play the tournament in 2021 with Facundo Campazzo.

Dick played his last white shirt match on Thursday against Fenerbahce. He had already informed the club before the meeting that he would pay the termination clause to be released and travel to the United States where he would sign a contract for the next three years.

Just over two months ago, several NBA teams had already tried to hire him, including the Clippers, Knicks and Tunders, who finally convinced him to offer him two million euros, in the absence of negotiating payment for Real. Madrid.

The Spanish team tried to renew with Dick at the end of 2020, but the proposal did not convince him. Now, they are losing a player who has become a pillar of the team in recent months and will have to sign a substitute.

Gabriel started in the National Basketball League with Quimsa from Santiago del Estero during 2010 and stayed there until 2016, becoming a major player in the National League 2014 and lifting Super Cup 8 from 2015.

His good performance led him to sign with San Lorenzo de Almagro, where he made a quantum leap after winning the 2018 Americas League title. He was named the best player. This caught the attention of Real Madrid, who hired him in July of that year.

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