Netflix cancels Will Smith’s Fast and Loose movie after attack on Chris Rock, THR . reveals

after last sunday, will Smith slapped him in the face Chris Rock at the OscarsAnd the Netflix On Saturday, American media reported the cancellation of the production of “Fast and loose”, which will be the actor’s next movie The Hollywood Reporter.

The above because, according to US media, Netflix was competing with it worldwide to be Leitch’s next project, but Universal went ahead.

Also, according to sources, Netflix has sent an urgent invitation to another director to take on a project with the star who has been staunchly favored to win Best Actor at the Academy Awards. However, shortly after Smith attacked Chris Rock on stage at the Academy Awards, Netflix quietly moved the project to the back of the fireplace.

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fast and loose

fast and loose It was telling the story of a crime boss who lost his memory after an attack. Putting the clues together, he discovers he has led to a double identity as a wealthy capo and a bankrupt CIA agent.

“It appears that Netflix has been understandably wary of moving forward. It is unclear if it will attempt the project with another star and director,” the news site revealed.

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