Netflix | The perfect comedy to watch on Thursday; An inexplicable love story


This is a new Thursday from today’s recommendation, this time all about romantic comedy “La otra Missy” (wrong Messi), It is available on the broadcast platform Netflix.

This movie is directed by Tyler Spindell It is written before Chris Papas and Kevin Barnetti. This movie was produced in the United States and starring Davis Speed ​​(Tim Morris) and Lauren Labcus (Messi).

The movie features Nick Swardson (Nate), Jeff Pearson (Jack Winston), Jackie Sandler (Jess), Molly Sims (Melissa Doherty) and Sarah Chalk (Julia). This movie is produced by Happy Madison and released in 2020 on Netflix.

Other Messi tape image. Photo: Private

What was the movie about?

ribbon “Other messi “, Repeats already known vulgar humor and typical Adam Sandler, but now David Speed ​​is stellar and unbalanced script, as he poses an initial stance in a hurry, but that’s mild as the viewer progresses.

The plot describes a blind catastrophic history between Tim Morris An executive seeking to recover from a love disaster that led him to cancel his plans to marry, and Messi, a completely dysfunctional woman.

However, things are so bad that when Tim is about to get hit by a man because of Messi and end the night worse when he wants to sneak into the bathroom and fall from a great height.

After this Tim swears of course he’s never going to see MessiHowever, like any other comedy movie, the viewer knows very well that not only will they meet again, they will also end up falling in love before the movie ends.

After that we leave you the last trailer for “Other messi “, Which is of course the perfect bar for midday Sundays on Thursdays.


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