New emojis coming to our mobile devices

New emojis coming to our mobile devices

We use them every day. It facilitates expression emotions Or say it all without having to type anything. The emoji They are changing the way we communicate and the choices keep growing. In fact, soon there will be new people, like Unicode Consortium You are evaluating what the next additions to these items will be.

emojipedia Announce what will be next emoji which will be available in our Hardware. Although in the end it could be changed or canceled altogether before the approval date next September, there is talk at the moment of the arrival of generic smiley face With a new look, one that looks like waving, another that melts, another that cries but smiles.

There is also more hand movements, Like pointing vigorously, shaking hands, and even the interconnected hands that make up the heart. In addition to having a file “Pregnant manرجلAnd ‘pregnant person’, like all human-based emojis, is available in different skin tones, and in recent years creators have tried to be more diverse in terms of gender identity.

Other items considered are: bird’s nest, water spilled from glass, skeleton visible through X-rays, bean, man wearing crown, ogre, lip-biting, slider, tire, crutch and disco ball.

All of these can join the list of more than 3000 emoticons It is available through various digital communication platforms.

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a little bit of history

In 1999, the Japanese Shigetaka Kurita It introduced the first set of colorful emojis inspired by aspects of Japanese culture, such as manga and kanji.

Initially, the emoji were 176 characters in size 12 x 12 pixels and their function was to show emotions that text could not contain.

Today, July 17, World Emoji Day. And while it’s not an official date at the moment, it’s been celebrated year after year since 2014 as part of honoring these icons that have revived modern digital communication.

This date was the brainchild of designer Jeremy Berg emojipedia (the site that collects all emojis, their various aspects in each operating system and applications they are on, and their meaning and other characteristics), which noted that July 17 was the date indicated by the calendar emoji in Iphone.

According to Unicode, the federation that regulates and restricts emoji, these are:Pictures They are presented in a colorful and cartoonish way and used online in text. They represent things like faces, weather, food, plants or emotions, feelings, and activities.”

Most emojis are associated with people and the human body, followed by flags, objects, and, to a lesser extent, symbols.

If you are interested in learning more about emojis and their cultural impact around the world, you can read on “emoji”, Written by British philologist Vivian Evans, he questions whether emojis are comparable to language: “In terms of nonverbal communication, it is something as old as communication itself,” he wrote.

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