New Features for WhatsApp Voice Notes

New Features for WhatsApp Voice Notes

The WhatsApp he is Messaging app From this daily use nowadays, which undoubtedly needs constant renewal; Improve, change and deliver news to its users and the best Updates For a more dynamic process and related to what its users need from us.

WhatsApp has just announced via its social networks and its website Six updates to the voice memo featurewhich has become one of the most important and useful when using the application and communicating with others, due to its practicality and functions.

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Play outside the chat

You will be able to listen to an audio voice outside the chat, this way you will have a choice Go to another contact or reply to other messages while using this voice memowhich is very useful when you are multitasking.

Pause/continue recording

Now when you record a voice message, You can pause and resume recording whenever you want. The experience is undoubtedly an improvement, not getting around erasing notes, and we’ve all had the problem that something interrupts us or we forget, in the middle of a recording.

Visualization of sound waves

The screen will display a file Visual representation of sound In the voice note we received in the chat, which allows us to monitor or track the recording, that is, you can follow the audio visually.

Note review

You can also listen to the audio before sending itwhich is also useful, to avoid those embarrassing moments when, if we make a mistake, we have to delete the message that has already been sent.

Continue playing where you paused

Playback history for your notes will be flagged i.e. if you leave playback halfway, You can continue where you left off Once you return to the chat; And it’s perfect so you don’t have to listen to everything again or look up the moment we left off.

quick Boot

Play voice messages at different speeds as you wish; It can be with both regular and forwarded messages. You can do this at 1.5x or 2x speed.

WhatsApp updates the voice notes; These are the new features. Photo: WhatsApp

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