“Your number is suspended” What do you do with this message

“Your number is suspended” What do you do with this message

The WhatsApp Today it is almost an indispensable application for all files Users because of the multiple communication tools it provides such as instant messaging, video calls and calls. However, use this apps It also bears some responsibility, and if it is not used correctly, the message may appear: Your number is suspended.

If you have problems sending a message or the legend appears that your number has been suspended, you may have violated The Rules safety and use The WhatsApp.

If you are in this situation, below we explain how you can recover your number and continue to communicate with your contacts.

What does the message “Your number suspended” on WhatsApp mean?

According to information received from technical support of The WhatsAppThe company can Suspend your account due to misuse.

If this happens, you will notice because when you open the application it will show an error and you will see the message: “Your phone number He is to stop On The WhatsApp. Please contact support for assistance.”

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It should be noted that this happens more frequently for users who use whatsapp business and violate the Terms of Service.

Another reason for account suspension is downloading the app from an untrusted source. This is why Technical Support The company recommends downloading the app only from the Play Store, if your device is running Android, and if you are using an iPhone, from the App Store. If you have another operating system, there are reliable links on the official website of The WhatsApp.

last of Recommendations To avoid targeting the app and suspending your account, avoid adding unknown contacts to the groups you are in. In the case of accounts BusinessYou should not send promotional messages to unknown numbers that you find in the application groups.

On the other hand, sharing content, whether in your status, profile pictures, or messages, that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, harassing, hateful or discriminatory, is a violation of the rule The WhatsApp, Therefore, if you practice these actions, do not suspect that the company will suspend your account.

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How do I recover my WhatsApp account?

In case you think so The WhatsApp Was wrong to suspend your account, what you need to do is immediately contact Technical Support from the app. You will do this as follows:

In the search engine of your choice, type WhatsApp Technical Support. The first tab will show you the message ‘Contact WhatsAppClick on it. Then you will see a format that needs to be filled in with data like your number, e-mail, Where you have downloaded the application, there is also space to write your doubts or reasons for requesting reactivation of your account.

After pressing The “next step” You will find several articles that may be helpful in resolving your situation. If not, click the “Send a question” option and soon The WhatsAppwe will call you.

Now that you know what to do in this case, we recommend that you read the safety conditions he mentions The WhatsApp To use your account responsibly, you can take advantage of all the benefits it offers you and avoid suspension due to improper use.

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