News, features and release date

News, features and release date

as expected, Apple introduced macOS 13 On the Key note subordinate WWDC 2022. successor Monterey It’s called Ventura, keeping the same design style for icons and wallpapers. No landscape pictures, we continue to work with a desk of abstract and lively scents.

Stage Manager, Spotlight, Metal 3 and Game Boost

macOS Ventura introduces a new way to manage the windows of open apps called theater managerwhich puts all our background windows to the side where we can easily manage them.

We also have news about Spotlightwhose results become more complete, being able to perform actions directly from the search engine and without the need to open applications.

metallic 3 It gives us hopeful news for gamers: the new version of this graphics engine allows you to increase resolution and graphics performance so that even the most demanding games run smoothly on Apple computers. And to clear doubts, Apple has confirmed the arrival of No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village on macOS thanks to Metal 3. Good news.

MacBook iPhone Webcam

The logo is presented to us by continuity optimization, which allows this Use iPhones as Mac video conferencing cameras And enjoy benefits like Center Stage. And if we had wide-angle cameras on the iPhone, we could use them as a different video source focusing on our table from above. The Banners They just arch the eyebrow.

macOS 13: Availability and Release Date

macOS 13 Ventura will be rolling out via several beta builds this summer, with a final and stable release date set September or October. The update will be free for all compatible PCs.

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