Nintendo Ready to Take Over the Business When You Need It: Cash on Hand and Buying Philosophy – Nintendros


Believes Nintendo Get a company soon? This is undoubtedly an interesting topic and more given that the company has talked about it recently.

After presenting the financial results, Nintendo Chairman Shuntaro Furukawa participated Details about your future. Now we’re getting more data as a result of this meeting and the trillion yen ($ 9.2 billion) Which the company kept in cash.

The President stated that “any potential acquisitions in the future are likely Technology response Fast and innovative. “We need to secure cash reserves to ensure financial stability, but if we need to respond to fast-moving technological innovation, we can acquire companies that own the technology,” the president said.

Add that They are not planning to “blindly buy companies” This will not improve the entertainment value the company provides. They recently acquired Next Level Games (responsible for Luigi’s Mansion 3) and Furukawa explained that this makes sense because this studio has already been a partner in Nintendo’s development for such a long time, and if they make it a subsidiary “it gets better.” Quality and speed of development In itself “.

Technology and improved development seem to be the key to Nintendo when it comes to corporate acquisitions. What do you think that?


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