Nintendo Switch Online Offers Missions and Rewards

Nintendo Switch Online Offers Missions and Rewards

By playing with Nintendo Switch Online, players will be able to earn rewards in the form of tokens by completing simple tasks.

The evolution of the Nintendo Switch Online. slow, But it is evolving. After the arrival of the Nintendo 64 Games app and the addition of DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe To the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack, basic service users can now access a file New system of quests and rewards with MyNintendo Platinum points In which we can get special icons for our profile.

Nothing was mentioned about this new service offered by Nintendo Switch Online and its inclusion in the console’s operating system was a surprise. we can Access it through the menu From the console:

  • In the console menu, tap the red icon on the bottom menu for Nintendo Switch Online.
  • Let’s go to the tab Missions and rewards.
  • Here we will find icons that we can get by exchanging platinum points, as well as special missions around Nintendo Switch and Switch Online games.

Crafting codes…but with simple missions and rewards on Nintendo Switch Online

At the moment, some The tasks we can find are as simple as opening Super Mario Bros In the NES app on Nintendo Switch Online or play Super Mario Odyssey. We are not entirely clear if the system will be able to detect special actions within dedicated programs, such as visiting the Mini Nook of animal crossingAnd therefore, At the moment, the system of missions and rewards will be based on very simple actions.

The good part is that in addition to getting new icons for our profile based on different Nintendo games (for now only animal crossing And the Super Mario Odyssey), we can do Small customization by adding background and color to stickers.

Quest and reward system nintendo switch online It is already available on the console and no system update is required to access it.

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