Olimpia begins her US tour with a victory after the return of Pedro Troglio

Olimpia begins her US tour with a victory after the return of Pedro Troglio

Georgia, United States. – Olympia kicked off Saturday night with a win in their international round of US friendlies for the Apertura 2022 and Concacaf League matches after the fresh start of Pedro Troglio.

The Whites met Saturday at Memorial Stadium against Savannah, Georgia, and had practically no problems with a 2-0 win.

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The two goals of the album were the work of Colombian Justin Arboleda in the first half (45 + 1) with a header and Yan Maciel at 76.

The Brazilian midfielder debuted as the top scorer at Olympia after the triangulation between Edwin Rodriguez and Bonique Garcia and the South American player completed the play with his left foot.

It is worth noting that the veteran striker Carlo Costelli played in the Savannah team, which before the match was praised by the Merengue fans and many of them participated in it.

Next Friday Olympia will face Guatemala City, the team that was embroiled in a controversy a few weeks ago over the alleged appointment of DT Diego Vázquez.

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The fencing will be played in Charlotte, North Carolina at Matthew Athletic Field.

The Lions’ squad for this first friendly match was with Edric Minjivar in goal. Mango Sanchez, Brian Bekeles, Andre Orellana and Juan Pablo Montes in defence; Patton Mejia, Jorge Alvarez, Michele Chirinos and Jose Mario Pinto in midfield; above Jerry Bengson and Justin Arboleda.

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