Olympic achievement doubted by 71 athletes with COVID-19


July 20, 2021 – 3:24 am. NS.

Three days after the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, organizers suspect it will take place due to 71 cases of COVID-19 among the participants.

Anxiety prevails in Tokyo. Three days after the start of the Olympics, organizers are again considering the possibility of postponing the duels due to a rebound in COVID-19 cases in the villa.

“We cannot predict what will happen in the future with the number of coronavirus cases. So what we will do is discuss the different scenarios if there is a rebound in cases,” Toshiro Muto, president of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, said.

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Which is that the infection numbers have not stopped since the arrival of the various delegations and their athletes to Tokyo. So far, there are 71 cases of people connected to the contest that begins on July 23.

One of the last recorded cases is that of Fernanda Aguirre, a Chilean taekwondo player who tested positive in a test at Tokyo airport.

There have been cases inside and outside the Olympic Village related to the organization of the Games. “At this point, coronavirus cases may increase or decrease, so we will think about what we should do when the situation arises,” Muto said.

Since the incidents of Tabisu Munyani and Kamuhilo Mahlatsi, South African footballers, alarms have been raised about the Olympics. The infection of the athletes inside the Olympic Village forced an increase in biosecurity measures to prevent infection from increasing among participants from different countries.

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The United States, Israel, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Uganda have also recorded positive cases of COVID-19 in recent days.

On the part of the Colombian delegation located in Tokyo, there have been no cases of COVID-19 so far. Cyclist Daniel Felipe Martinez, who was part of the group that was to represent our country in cycling events, could not travel because he continued to register the virus in his body and became the only victim of the duels that were about to begin.

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